The Beginning…

It was clear from the moment I was born that music was to be my destiny. I can say humbly and without ego that I’m not your average little girl playing the piano. My parents discovered my musical talents at the age of 3.5, and under the stern tutelage of my music teachers, I am working hard to fulfill my calling in music.

It’s my life’s work to express those emotions and feelings that can only be conveyed through music. It’s how my spirit takes wing and soars to unfathomable, seemingly unreachable heights. I hope that my music does the same for your spirit, too!

My Passions…

I LOVE to perform at school, Churches, special functions, cultural events, and recitals! I found being on the stage and performing in front of an audience is something I love doing, and those are the best moments in life! I’m passionate about growing up to be a professional musician – a concert pianist and play music worldwide!

Mine are the eyes of a composer, too.

Don’t think that I’m confined to just performing. Oh, no. I love studying composition, and I am learning notes daily. I know where my talents can take me. I hope to create songs and pieces that can be passed on for generations!

Meet My Mentors

​​I am so fortunate to have not just one music teacher, but FOUR of them! These wonderful, talented, and amazing ladies are the lights of my musical journey. Come and join me to get to know them and see how they help shape me into a professional pianist!

My Piano Teachers

Ann Thorsen-Moran


Learn more about Miss. Ann

Heidi R. Larson

Learn more about Miss. Heidi

Dr. Hsu Yun-Ling

Learn more about Dr. Hsu

My Music Mentors

Olesya Pankiv (Left) 

Learn more about Miss Olesya

Olga Kolpakova (Right) 

Learn more about Miss Olga


Ms. Olesya (left), Ms. Olga (right)

My Publicist

Mr. William F. Morea II

Learn more about Mr. Will

Will Morea is proud to represent Abigail Huang, harmonizing his passions for the transcendent powers of writing and music. His journey towards uniting with Abigail is as multilayered – and distinctive – as her innate command of the piano. A native of South Carolina, Will’s family regularly moved from one state to another, coast to coast, never more than a few years in any one place. But books and songs also traveled with him as a source of comfort and encouragement. Between paperbacks and liner notes, worlds both imagined and aural, he formed a lifelong appreciation for these creative languages.

Having finally relocated to Florida for college and life thereafter, Will crafted his own style of language wherever he went. A brief foray into academia was enough time to be credited as the first author of a peer-reviewed journal article. This preceded his entry into the workforce, where his reputation for persuasive writing was just as quickly recognized. As an after-school tutor, Will’s notes were as thorough as his commitment to student success. As a men’s clothing store associate, the owner would soon turn to Will first to proofread and, eventually, compose advertisements for print and social media.

Now, in a discovery that defines serendipity, Will has partnered with Abigail to chronicle her story for history to remember as more than just a piano prodigy. What distinguishes Abigail is she’s not merely a carbon copy content with playing classical music to perfection. Her signature improvisations are proof that music is a well from the soul that nourishes all who listen. Every move evokes a fluency that needs no translation. In addition to being a virtuosa of the keys, Abigail pens her own music, note for note, as an extension of her innovative spirit. Nary an instrument exists that she can’t complement on first listen, further testament of her unparalleled talent.

With her winsome appeal, perfect pitch, and graceful stage presence, her budding career is ready to blossom for the whole world to hear and connect people together through the ears and into their hearts. Will looks forward to showcasing Abigail’s artistry through the written word in a style reminiscent of her music – captivating, original, authentically soulful.