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2023 Grammy Submission

I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be considered for a Grammy in 2023 for the Chick Corea Children’s Song album. This recognition is a dream come true and a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion poured into this project. Being acknowledged by the Recording Academy alongside such talented artists is incredibly humbling, and I am deeply grateful for this opportunity. The journey of creating this album has been an unforgettable experience, and this consideration makes it all the more special. I am excited to see where this recognition leads and to continue sharing the joy of music with the world.

2022 New Album – Chick Corea Children’s Songs (Jazz Album)

Recording my first commercial album, commemorating Chick Corea’s Children’s Song, has been an extraordinary journey filled with both challenges and triumphs. From the outset, I was inspired by Chick Corea’s legacy and the profound impact his music has had on the world of jazz. His Children’s Song album, with its delicate melodies and intricate harmonies, served as a guiding light throughout this project.

The initial stages involved deep immersion into Chick Corea’s works, understanding his unique musical language, and translating that into my own interpretations. Countless hours were spent in the studio, experimenting with different arrangements and ensuring that each note captured the essence of his compositions while infusing them with my own artistic voice.

Collaborating with talented musicians who shared a similar passion for Chick Corea’s music was a highlight of this journey. Their creativity and skill brought new dimensions to the album, making each session an exhilarating experience. We faced numerous challenges along the way, from perfecting complex passages to balancing the technical aspects of recording. However, each obstacle only strengthened our resolve and commitment to the project.

One of the most memorable moments was hearing the final mix for the first time. It was a culmination of months of hard work, late nights, and unwavering dedication. The emotions that poured out of the speakers were a testament to the love and respect we all have for Chick Corea and his contributions to jazz.

This album is not just a tribute to a legendary musician; it is a personal milestone and a celebration of the power of music to connect and inspire. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved and excited to share this homage to Chick Corea’s Children’s Song with the world.

2019 NBA Magic Performance

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Photo Credits: Patrick Wong Photography

2019 Charity Concert

World Journal – News Coverages

NBA Performance

Orlando Magic NBA Christmas Performance from Wey Wey Wong on Vimeo.

TV Appearances

CBS-WKMG Report (December 2018)

2018 Charity Concert Highlights

MLF 2018 Concert (Short) from Wey Wey Wong on Vimeo.

Disney Performance

Disney Sponsored United Cerebral Palsy 25th Gala from Wey Wey Wong on Vimeo.

News Appearances

West Orange Observer Report (2017)