Let Us Garden: An Interlude

Hey everybody!

It hardly seems like more than two months have passed since I last posted about being part of a TV special. Between finishing school (which is just about over!) and practicing some children’s songs on the piano, I’ve been keeping more to myself recently. But that’s not all that’s kept me busy.

Earlier this spring, my family decided to start a small garden in our backyard. My dad wanted fresh vegetables for us to eat, and my mom wanted me to be outdoors some more. I love to eat veggies and I enjoy planting anyway, so I got to be a part of this project. But being around bugs while they squirm in the dirt… eww, not so much!

In just a few weeks, we’ve gone from soil to a smorgasbord of vegetables ready to be eaten. We’ve grown basil, carrots, peppers, and tomatoes, among others. The name of our space alone is only fitting: Let Us Garden. Incidentally, this newfound hobby also led my family to discover we have a lime tree in our backyard, too. Now we’re just an onion patch away from making our own pico de gallo!

All joking aside, seeing these vegetables grow firsthand is inspirational. It’s even made me think of writing music differently. When I’ve sat down at the piano lately, it’s no longer an instrument to master to perfection. The piano is fertile soil for my fingers to play and create music worth savoring. Every song is a seed that, with practice, grows only as well as it’s nurtured. And while it seems effortless to many who watch me perform, what you see are the “fruits” of my persistent labor.

I didn’t think I would take up gardening, much less enjoy it, when I was interviewed by Spectrum News 13 in early March, but I’ve had a lot of fun! It’s especially fun being outdoors to take a break from my other project I’ve been cultivating for just as long between four walls. Like these veggies, the time will soon be ripe to tell more… so stay tuned out there!