Winter Concert at Cypress Center for the Arts 2019

I played at our 2019 Winter Recital, at the Musical Mind Conservatory of Windermere, the music school of my piano teachers Ms. Ann Thoreson and Ms. Heidi Larson.

There were so many talented music students, and I am excited to be among them. I was placed in the first group, where we easily had about 60 students performing. Each student puts in their best efforts from all the learning and practices, and for me, delighted to be sitting in the audience and enjoy other friends’ performances!

Thank you, Ms. Ann and Ms. Heidi, it has been another remarkable year of achievements in music for me. I learn so much from you both and Ms. Abigail Searles, and all my competition and performance experience!

I thank God for you and all my family’s support. Love you ALL!